Why cyber security should be eazi?

The need to take cyber security seriously is nothing new. We’re regularly warned about the importance of taking basic steps to keep ourselves safe online, such as by updating passwords or knowing how to spot a phishing email.


But, as hackers become increasingly sophisticated, the technology which protects our business networks need to up their game as well. Yet, research has shown that 65% of attacks evade existing security tools. In addition, 85% of intrusions are not spotted for weeks – 54% are not discovered for months.


So, what’s the answer? Here we look at how, along with our partners Cisco, you can protect your business with second-to-none cyber security. This will help you to take crucial steps to prevent your company data and intellectual property from getting into the wrong hands.


A joined-up approach to cyber security


The number of access points you have to your network increases the opportunities that hackers could potentially exploit. However, this does not mean having to restrict access when or where it is legitimately needed. It just means keeping cyber security at the forefront of activity at all times. Download the latest firewall and antivirus software & upskill your staff to spot the risks – a survey found that 70% of business respondents think that employees are the biggest cyber security risk to their business. Back up everything securely just in case as it is sadly impossible to completely remove the element of risk.


It also makes sense to have all of your products from the same supplier so they work in harmony. This is especially important when you consider that 28% of top cyber security constraints are product compatibility.  Modern collaborative technology will keep your kit singing from the same hymn sheet as standard.


With Webex Teams you are in control of access to your Unified Comms system for different employees within your company or at third-party suppliers. This is one of the key benefits – it is the first secure multi-company collaboration solution.


Cyber security and the cloud


When it comes to cyber security, putting your trust in cloud technology does not have to be pie in the sky. Concerns about cybersecurity and the cloud can put a lot of people off – 49% of businesses are delaying cloud deployment due to a cyber security skills gap. But, there are steps you can take to address those concerns and reap the benefits of cloud technology, including on-the-go accessibility, collaboration and robust disaster recovery.



A reputable supplier of unified communications, such as our partners at Cisco, will have cyber security at the centre of all that they do. This covers everything from third-party access to anti-tamper software. This area is also heavily regulated by both the Government and the industry to safeguard a company’s data and communication. This is why a survey found that 94% of businesses actually saw an increase to their business cyber security when using cloud technology.


The cyber security solution


Cyber security and collaborative technology make a great partnership. Cisco’s security is second-to-none when it comes to firewall and malware protection, threat detection and real-time threat intelligence. The technology solutions available bring a network, infrastructure, appliances and the cloud together under one digital lock and key. Pick the packages that will work for you and enjoy the flexibility of true scalability as your business grows whilst keeping cyber security threats at bay.


Here at eaziUC, we’re busy behind the scenes getting ready to launch eaziSecurity, our sister company which will ensure your unified communications are safe and secure. Contact us to find out more.