Who needs first class, when you’ve got first class UC?

(But could we have first class as well, please?)


I have never had a sophisticated airport experience. The most refined I’ve ever been, is in the Starbucks at Gatwick at 6 am, with a mango and passionfruit smoothie in tow. And yes, that’s because Spoons was too expensive (or maybe I’m far too used to my local being dirt cheap.)


Is it just me that misses the free food on airlines? Now I have to starve on my 2-hour flights to Spain, they can stuff their £10 cheese paninis.


When I was younger, my nan- who has passed on her extreme timekeeping skills onto me- would haul us down to Gatwick 5 hours before we were due to board. We’d be the first in the check-in line, so we’d get the most kick-ass seats that Easyjet could supply us with. If only we had apps back then that would let us check-in 30 days earlier…


Although I’ve travelled many a time on planes, I’ve never made a journey for work purposes (and I can imagine it’s even more stressful when you’re on a tighter schedule). According to statistics published by dcsplus back in 2017, corporate travellers take more than 480 million business trips each year. With today’s corporate traveller getting younger, thus meaning they are relying on tech, such as mobiles, social media and most importantly; unified-communications (obviously not implying that a slightly older audience can’t operate the latest tech).


A Statista report also showed that business travel managers were expecting an increase in occupation-related travel in 2018. Manifesting that India (with 77%), China (55%) and South Africa (50%), had the highest percentages of travel executives believing that the amount of travel would rise substantially this year.


As Millennials were due to take 20% more trips in the last 12 months compared to last year, collaboration is more important than ever. And with the rush at the airport, you want the grass on other side to be significantly greener.


 Imagine having a meeting 500 miles away, and it feeling like it was in the same room, or an efficient web-chatroom for all employees to communicate effectively without the need to be side-by-side.


Being a Cisco Unified Communication specialist, at eazi, we can cater our services to what suits you and your work domain.


Corporate travel not giving you wings? eaziUC is the key to your jet-set dreams.