Webex teams, sparking collaboration in recruitment

The recruitment industry has gone through lots of transformations in recent years, with the mainstream introduction of AI, robotics and Data-driven technologies bringing increased automation and improvements in efficiency and ROI.  Used correctly, these technologies should help to improve speed-of-hire, retention rates and ultimately reduce the overall cost of the hiring process, good news for recruiters and for their clients.  Technology, used in the right way, should not be about eliminating the human element, but enhancing it.


Unified Communications stands out as a game changer within the recruitment industry, where face to face interaction, consistent communication and candidate & client service levels are paramount.  Speed to market, candidate & client engagement and candidate control have to be at the front of every recruiter’s mind, every hour of every day. Saving time on travel and unnecessary meetings means more focus on core tasks.


Recruitment as an industry has grown by 9% in the last 12months*, and as new recruitment companies spring up in the sector at a rate of 9000+ a year*, UC and Collaboration may well be the differentiator between those companies that survive and prosper and those that fail in the battle for talent.


Candidate Engagement

With Cisco Webex Teams recruiters can use one central tool to plan, conduct and record screening interviews with candidates over HD video, share and collaborate on resumes, exchange follow-up messages and keep in contact across desktop or mobile devices throughout the recruitment process.  Everything is held on a secure platform with integrations to many of the leading CRM systems and 3rd party software used in the industry.


Client management and development

Recruitment isn’t always top of the agenda for the end client, who still have a company to run, but the ability to meet and discuss requirements is a must for quality recruitment.  Catch 22 for everyone involved.

Webex speeds up the meetings process, with recruiter and client able to interact around other commitments more easily, moving from message to ad-hoc meetings seamlessly, and sharing job specifications and potential candidates in a secure and collaborative environment.


Company management

With the collaboration power of Webex Teams, recruitment companies can conduct meetings easily over video, saving on travel costs, improving recruiter efficiency and reducing overall business costs.  Management can use Webex to keep remote offices working together, sharing best practice and collaborating on business opportunities.  A combined system across telephony and UC gives your business the power to move from message to meeting to mobile interaction seamlessly, both in and out of the office.


If you are interested in how Cisco Webex Teams could transform your recruitment business and give you the edge in a highly competitive environment, eazi can work with you to provide a consultative approach to implementing UC within your teams.




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