Find out which technologies could work best for you - here’s some of the top uses of video conferencing for a touch of inspiration. Click to read more.

And action – the uses of video conferencing

Video conferencing is a business-boosting practice that mustn’t be ignored. Large multinationals to smaller but still multi-site organisations could all benefit from it. As with all new technologies, it can be difficult to immediately understand how it could work for you but the uses of video conferencing are too good to not consider. Here are some of the top uses of video conferencing for a touch of inspiration.

Save time

There is no denying that travel is time-consuming and increasingly expensive. To put it bluntly, video conferencing will change the way that you do business. Your CEO can speak to the entire company at the touch of a button. Hold a meeting from your desk at a moment’s notice with overseas colleagues.Research has found that 56% of globals CFO’s are interested in video conferencing because of the time (and money) it can save. Click To Tweet This makes sure that your hours in work are put to the best possible use. It will also help to reduce stress levels among your staff when they don’t start the day with a traffic jam.

Beat the competition

You need to be at the cutting edge of your industry to perform in business. That means keeping up with the latest trends. It demands that your company stays one step ahead of your business competitors by making decisions fast. That won’t happen if you have to wait for a window in everyone’s diary. One of the signature uses of video conferencing is getting everyone in the same room in an instant. Have those vital conversations quickly and easily with collaborative tools for business. Keep the competition on the back foot and pioneer within your marketplace.

Getting to know you

People can work in the same company for years but never really get to know each other. This can easily happen if people haven’t met in person or only spoken over email. This is particularly true as more and more people work remotely. A survey found that 87% of remote users feel more connected to their team when using video conferencing. Click To Tweet One of the top uses of video conferencing is that it allows you see people’s body language and facial expressions. This paves the way for more open and honest communication. It also facilitates team building as colleagues get to know each other better.

Your flexible friend

The uses of video conferencing are not just limited to increased availability. Collaborative technology can also help multiple business types from education, healthcare and recruitment. It provides a model for digital communications which can be shaped and crafted until its the perfect fit, no matter what industry you are in.

Collaboration is key

Take the uses of video conferencing one step further with Cisco Spark. Imagine if all attendees of your virtual meeting could share, adjust and mark-up documents using a digital whiteboard. This can even happen across multiple locations, at a moment’s notice and without leaving your desk. So, get your thoughts out there to truly collaborate with your colleagues and bring your ideas to life.

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