Collaborative technology can improve with unified communications in education. Click to find out more about how it can help in the classroom.

The benefits of unified communications in education

From the classroom to the staff room, collaborative technology can support learning and improve with unified communications in education.


Teachers don’t need to rely on seeing a message on a noticeboard to stay informed. Here, we look at how unified communications in education can teach us all a thing or two about staying connected.


Beat the budget


The UK education sector is feeling the financial pinch. However, unified communications in education is undeniably money well spent. Outdated systems can cost more both in lost hours through inefficiency and in the cost of repairing old kit. Unified communications in education eliminate these problems with state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled support. Give every user on-the-go communications with the Cisco Business Edition 6000. Turn any space into a meeting room with Webex Teams.


There is no one size fits all. Choose the most cost-effective solution for a digital transformation by embracing unified communications in education.


The gift of time


Teachers are notoriously time-poor with reports saying that they work up to 60 hours every week. Yet, they are expected to perform a crucial job. Paper processes slow down the essential tasks which keep things ticking over. Cisco research shows that using unified communications saves half an hour every day by choosing the best way to contact colleagues. Have information at your fingertips at the touch of a button. Get everything from lesson planning to reports done quickly, efficiently and securely.


Overcome communication barriers


Schools, colleges and universities across various locations need a joined-up approach. Colleagues need to stay in touch across different buildings or on the move without losing information or functionality. It is also a myth that the summer holidays are an extended holiday for teachers. They are spent planning for the school year ahead. This could mean getting in touch with colleagues no matter where they are. Unified communications in education lets teachers reach out to each other when they need to. But, they can also switch off when it is time to be out of the office.

That communication also extends to relationships with parents. Research shows a huge scope for improvement. Around half of parents saying they were not very satisfied with interactions with school staff. This is despite how improved communication helps empower parents and boosts academic performance. Use collaborative technology to contact parents so they feel part of the process too.




The education sector is sitting on a wealth of personal data. So much information is confidential and needs to be kept under digital lock and key. Unified communications in education can deliver this and more. Cisco were trusted to create an open yet fully secure network for the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture provides advanced security solutions so information, research and learning resources can be accessed safely. Cisco can do this for you too.

Cisco’s unified communications in education delivers a best-in-class experience. The eaziUC team will provide the latest collaborative technology for your school, college or university. Contact us to find out more.