UC’s future – tether-free, convenient and lazy person approved

It’s Sunday evening. You’re begrudgingly setting all 10 of your alarms, the first starting at 6:30 am, with 5-minute intervals. Before you know it, it’s 7:45 the next day. You’re running around with one shoe on, knee-deep in stress and choking on a dry Weetabix. Classy.


What if I told you laziness could be a part of your routine, AND you wouldn’t have to feel bad about it? Scientists have research from a recent study, that suggests that being inert might pay off in the long run. Although their research was conducted on a selection of molluscs and their more upbeat cousins, it is possible their findings could apply to us humans too. “Survival of the sluggish” is a go people!


In terms of meetings, travel and keeping in touch with clientele, utilise technology and let it do the work for you. No, I do not mean leaving Alexa in charge whilst you go away for a week to rejuvenate (however, who knows what the future might bring. If you need me, I’ll be the one with a Porn-star Martini by the pool.)


Unified Communications enables businesses to do just that, easy collaboration no matters where you are on the globe. To make your lives even easier, it is set to evolve in a very big way.


AI Strategy


Rob Scott – founder of the online site UCToday – believes Unified Comms will eventually include AI and machine learning. Supported by Tim D’ath (a UC Solutions Architect from 02), who also maintains that the next chapter will include AI and virtual assistants, who will keep on top of your calls and emails whilst you’re away from your desk (hitting snooze).


Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into an episode of I, Robot.


Phone numbers and physical endpoints – an endangered species?


The lack of freedom that comes with these notable pieces of tech, has varying companies questioning their longevity. Unlike some others, Matt Vale – a Microsoft Centric Consultant specialising in UC and Collaboration tech – states “phone numbers will not be phased out, not by 2021, maybe 2041”.


DJ Gillit from Dialpad is one of many that insist that desktop phones and other components will be scrapped so that customers are not tied down in one place. The key themes seem to be having the freedom to work wherever, however, you would like.


Are these predictions just that? Or is this an accurate insight into UC’s future in businesses?


Train’s not running (welcome to England), illness or not being in the country is no longer an inconvenience. Get in touch, and the ever-adapting eaziUC will change your mundane, day-to-day office life.