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Online meeting fails and how to avoid them

We have probably all seen that clip of Professor Robert Kelly being interrupted by his children during a live BBC interview. There are lots of parodies of it too. But, there’s little more embarrassing than if an ‘online meeting fail’ happens to you.  

One of the benefits of collaborative technology is that it can transform any location into a meeting room. While that is a great thing, it removes certain barriers. We recommend taking certain steps, so your online meetings are successful.  Here’s our surefire way make sure your online meeting doesn’t end up going viral on YouTube for the wrong reasons.

Cut the online meeting cliches

Like most situations in life, the office comes with its own vocabulary. Cliches and jargon can fill your conversations from the water cooler to the boardroom. One office worker achieved digital notoriety when he created conference call bingo for the weird and wonderful phrases which can come up during an online meeting. Don’t let the content of your meetings be lost in translation. Keep it simple, keep it straightforward and keep it fresh.

Ensure a smooth connection

There’s nothing worse than technology failing when you need it the most. Collaboration tools should increase productivity and cut wasted time. This won’t happen if technology lets you down. Invest in a high-speed connection, quality infrastructure and strong device capability. This will avoid buffering, drops in sound or poor picture quality during your online meetings.

Get everyone involved

Unified communications should bring people together no matter where they are. Whether your staff are taking part via a full-screen projection, an app or on a tablet, make sure they are not drowned out by white noise. Optimise your technology to make sure that everyone’s voice will be heard – that’s true collaboration.

Preparation is key

Research shows that the worst thing about meetings is the lack of productivity. They need a focus, agenda and open and honest communication. Collaborative technology will up the efficiency of your meetings. Cloud-based technology, such as Cisco Spark, lets you share documents and send messages safely and securely. Its virtual whiteboard also lets people contribute ideas across different locations. Cisco also found that online meetings through video conferencing end 73% faster than other meeting types. So, your time will be put to the best possible use.  

With eaziUC, we will ensure your system is working to an optimum level, so none of your online meetings fails. Bring the benefits of collaborative technology to your business – contact eaziUC to find out more.