Mental health – sometimes it isn’t possible to keep calm and carry on

It affects 1 in 4. It doesn’t come with a manual, there’s no ‘Depression for Dummies’, step-by-step guides. When people ask you ‘but what’s wrong?” or “why are you feeling like that though”, you can’t help but say “I just don’t know”.


For some, it’s not being able to motivate yourself to get out of bed, control any of your emotions or it’s the voices in your head. It can be a silent killer.


Before I discovered exercise, naps were my vice (and still are partly, but fortunately only when coffee won’t do it’s one and only job). A form of time-travel- they would last 2-3 hours at a time- avoiding responsibility and combating my constant lack of energy. When I slept, I couldn’t feel sad. In the past, people judged me for napping my way through the day. Little do they know that: Rule number one, you’re never too old for naps (take it from a family who is proficient in dozing) and two, if the Spanish can make it seem fancy, so can we.

#SiestasRule #HatersDrool


Often with mental health, people will put on a fluffy, smiley exterior to hide what they’re really feeling. Especially in the workplace. Back in 2014, YouGov and Mind conducted a poll, which exhibited that 1 in 5 of us will take a day off due to stress. However, 90% of those people gave their employer a different reason for their time off e.g. an upset stomach (44%) or a headache (7%).


The fact is, all businesses need to start recognising mental health as the legitimate illness it is. Just because people don’t resemble Rudolph the Reindeer, aren’t sipping Lemsip on the regular or have a cast (as a reminder to go home, not hard), does not indicate they shouldn’t be entitled to sick days.


Brains need a break, so do not feel guilty for taking a day off where it’s due. Humans aren’t robots. However, when you have work to do, but stepping into your office is near-on impossible, UC is there to make life easier for you and your workforce. It enables you to stay in contact with your team, attend meetings and talk to clients, without leaving the comfort of your own home.


If you would like to make your company flexible and accommodating for all, contact eaziUC. We can offer you packages specialised for the way you want to work.


6000 deaths occur in the UK due to mental health alone (Mental Health Foundation statistic). If you or anybody around you suffer with their mental health, make sure they know they’re not alone. There are so many outlets for people who need to talk to someone, whether that be family-members, friends or a professional.


Here are just a few of the websites who have the facilities to help you: