In order to effect an innovation culture, a digital transformation has to filter throughout a business and potentially to key third-parties as well.

Building an innovation culture in the construction industry

In order to effect an innovation culture, a digital transformation has to filter throughout a business, and potentially to key third-parties as well. This is particularly the case in the construction industry where supplier relationships are key to project delivery.

The reasons to strive for an innovation culture are endless. Research from PWC has found that certain construction roles face a risk of being automated. This is because the industry is changing in line with technological advancements. For example glaziers, plasterers and tilers are estimated to have an 80% chance of being automated in the next 20 years.


However, there is one thing which is impossible to automate: discussing, sharing and analysing information. Investing in a corporate communication solution for your construction company mixed with collaborative technology will help to future-proof your workforce.


So, this is where a unified communications partner needs to do something different. Training options to suit every member of staff, no matter their location or logistics, will ensure a successful roll-out of collaboration tools. This will change how you do business.


Here, we look at the ways to secure all-important employee buy-in across your construction company. This will organically grow an innovation culture with long-term adoption of collaborative technology at the heart.


Video training


Staff on a building site are unlikely to have access to somewhere suitable for large-scale training days. Also, it may be impossible to fit in time for training when the company is up against tight deadlines to finish a project. In construction, time is money and profit margins are the bottom line. Research has shown that those profit margins for the UK’s 25 largest construction companies has fallen to a low average of 1.2%.


The solution is to give your teams the freedom to manage their own time. Get up to speed with unified communications with bespoke training videos. They can be created specifically for your chosen system. A web-based and self-service portal allows users to learn according to their own schedules. It’s your business to start an innovation culture as you mean to go on – on your terms.


On-site training


A construction company may be based across many temporary locations. But, a head office could be the perfect place to bring everyone together for training. Time needs to be well-spent if teams are downing tools and travelling. Trust the reliable and knowledgeable hands of the experts to make that time count. Get a professional to come to you to upskill your staff with a full and broad understanding of Cisco kit.


Run a training day to get everyone on the same page. It will also help to build teamwork and networking by bringing dispersed teams together under one roof.


This type of training on technology is so important. Only one in ten adults feel that they have all the skills they need to use the digital tools which they are responsible for in their daily working lives. Don’t let that happen at your door – invest in training and reap the benefits of an innovation culture at your construction firm.


eaziUC offer these training options as well as a wider portfolio of packages to help adopt unified communications in your construction company. Our webinar on unified communications in the construction industry is on the 17th of July at 11 a.m. with Collaboration Specialist Alex Griffiths. Book your place here.