A truly flexible working culture makes you more attractive as an employer. Click to find out more about flexible working and it's benefits.

Flexible working can benefit your business

In today’s commercial climate, competition is fierce to attract the right people to power your business. A truly flexible working culture makes you more attractive as an employer.

It’s what the current generation of employees expect and it is becoming the norm. It’s also a Government priority so it should be one of your priorities too. Flexible working goes much further than giving parents a couple of hours off to do the school run. It needs to be embedded into everything you do to offer part-time hours, flexi-time, remote working, favourable shift patterns, term-time or seasonal work. Communication is key to making this work for both the employer and the employee.

Here’s how you can make this happen for your business quickly, easily and efficiently.

Attract the right staff

A flexible working policy helps to attract employees who are looking for a less rigid nine to five working day. A recent survey from Timewise found that 92% of workers between 18-34 years old want to work flexibly or already have the ability to do so. The survey also found that 84% of men want flexible working compared to 91% of women. This is to strike the right work-life balance, allow time to pursue other interests or avoid an overcrowded commute. If you can offer this to your employees, you could see the CVs rolling in when it’s time to recruit.

And keep them

There’s a huge gap between the number of flexible jobs and the number of people who want to work flexibly. Fewer than one in ten permanent jobs paying more than £20,000 FTE include flexible working as part of their package. Millions of people are stuck in low-paid, part-time jobs below their skill level because they can’t find a job to suit the hours they need. Unified communications provide flexible working options which can boost staff retention rates by offering a unique package to your employees.

Get more out of your teams

Contrary to the image of staff taking the opportunity to work from home to catch up on a TV boxset, research shows that productivity increases when people work flexibly. Collaborative technology means your teams are available no matter the time, location or situation. Your staff will engage. They will feel motivated, they will deliver results, they will want to stay part of a good thing.

Reduced sick leave, absenteeism and tardiness

By removing the eight-hour day at an office desk, you open up agile working for your staff. Collaborative technology turns any location into a workspace, which allows people to do their jobs no matter where they are. This approach to flexible working can drive a favourable work-life balance, which boosts both physical and mental health. This allows employees to manage their time efficiently around their own commitments.

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