There are lots of ways in which to ensure employee buy-in. A range of training options can help to deliver something for everyone. Click to find out more on our blog.

How to Make Employee Buy-In Happen

We all know how it goes. A salesman comes in, talks about all the life-changing benefits of the product which he is selling. You are sold and buy the lot. But then, it sits in a corner of the office gathering dust. You have no employee buy-in. If this has not happened to you, you probably know someone who has experienced this. With even the best intentions, this adds up to a waste of time and money for you and your company.

The problem with employee buy-in

No one wants to be the person who has all the gear and no idea. Avoid wasted kit and cash through encouraging genuine employee buy-in. We mean hook, line and sinker engagement from everyone across all of your teams, departments and locations. Being realistic, this is unlikely to happen naturally. It will take a little more to get your staff ready to use, embrace and engage with progressive digital communications. This is especially true if they haven’t used collaboration tools for business before. Before you write off unified communications as not for you, consider the options available for getting your teams up to speed quickly and efficiently.

The solution for employee buy-in

There are lots of ways in which to ensure employee buy-in. A range of training options can help to deliver something for everyone. It could be that face-to-face training after installation works best. Or, bespoke video training portals could help get your teams up to speed. It could even be that you would prefer a resident technician there to answer any queries you have, no matter the day or time. With plenty of options available, there’s no room for excuses when it comes to employee buy-in.

The benefits of employee buy-in

Once everyone is on board, you and your business can just jump straight into digital communications and lap up all of the benefits which come with it. For example, employee buy-in will help with staff retention. Recent surveys have found that 51% of workers are looking to leave their current jobs and only 13% are not looking for other employment opportunities. Click To Tweet In addition, the cost of replacing just one member of staff is estimated to be over £30,000 in logistics and getting them up to speed in the business and its operations. But, when you offer something as unique and appealing as a digitally driven workplace providing true flexibility, your staff won’t want to leave.

The team at eaziUC can deliver the goods when it comes to the kit and the employee buy-in. Contact us for a free initial consultation on how unified communications could work for you.