Investing in modern collaborative technology is a big step in the right direction. It plays an integral part in the digital transformation of any company. The construction industry is, by design, one of the key industries which could benefit from the deployment of unified communications. Click to read.

Deploying unified communications in the construction industry

Investing in modern collaborative technology will give companies the edge in a competitive marketplace, playing an integral part in the digital transformation of any business.  It adds the greatest benefits in environments with staff based in several different locations, whether nationally or internationally, where face to face meetings and on-site collaboration aren’t always possible.


The construction industry is, by design, one of the key industries that could benefit from the deployment of unified communications. The newly re-branded Cisco Webex Teams, previously Cisco Spark, is ideal for this due to its expansive, unique and ground-breaking features. Cisco’s flagship communications technology can enable teams and departments to work together, breaking down the common barriers to communication in the construction industry.


An eazi Assessment


When considering the deployment of unified communications, an expert eye will help in evaluating your existing operation.  At eaziUC we understand that no two businesses operate in the same way, and this is as true in the Construction industry as it is in any other sector.  Because of this, our qualified and experienced engineers and consultants will look at your individual requirements, working with you to build a bespoke technology package with Cisco Webex Teams at its heart. From your head office to current building projects at remote client sites, Cisco Webex Teams is fully scalable, so it can grow with your project portfolio and business needs.


Security First


Cisco Webex Teams comes with enterprise-ready security features, and is easily supportable within the wider Cisco technology eco-system. It is the first secure multi-company collaboration solution within the unified communications industry.


In construction, remote projects might be on sites with poor infrastructure, but Webex Teams ability to work over 4G and temporary Wi-Fi networks, whilst maintaining the encryption and security you would expect from a Cisco product, means you can be assured your sensitive data and IP are still safe.


On Time. On Budget


Research has shown that 98% of construction projects run over schedule, with this pushing up costs by up to 80% of the original project value. A huge contributing factor to this is the lack of productivity, which can be largely put down to inadequate communications both internally and with 3rd parties.


Use Cisco Webex Teams to stay in the know on how your project is progressing every step of the way, ultimately saving both time and money.




Any business within the construction industry is likely to span several temporary and permanent locations. So the deployment of unified communications needs to take this into account with static, desktop and mobile technologies working together. This is what modern collaborative technology is all about – communication on the move. From video to voice, Cisco Webex Teams will marry up your technology in the cloud, even if you are already using collaboration tools such as Microsoft, Google or Slack. Your teams from the boardroom to the building site can access workflows on any device, from any location, at any time.


Make it happen


There is a huge scope for digitization of the construction industry, particularly with the deployment of unified communications. Research has shown that 100% of building materials firms do not believe that they have exhausted their digital potential. Also, less than 6% of construction companies are making full use of digital planning tools. To put it simply, the industry is sitting on top of bags of potential. Technology like Cisco Webex Teams will boost productivity, creativity and collaboration whilst cutting costs and time.


The team here at eaziUC are the experts in the deployment of unified communications to all different types of industries. There are even more benefits of Cisco Webex Teams for the construction industry, which we will be outlining in our upcoming webinar. Find out more and sign up to the webinar here.