If your employees are travelling during the working day, commute time will be hitting your bottom line. Click to find out more about cutting commute time.

Cut your commute time, reclaim your freedom

No one enjoys a commute. Battling through a traffic jam or cramming into packed public transport is an expensive and exhausting way to bookend the working day. A recent survey found that the average UK commute time to and from the office is 73 minutes. That quickly adds up to a whopping 17,500 minutes every year – the equivalent of 12 full days.

If you have offices or employees overseas, travel time can intensify. The survey also found that workers in Israel faced the worst commute time in the world with an average of one hour and 37 minutes spent travelling to and from work. The best commute time is in Japan with an average of 39 minutes.

Commute time is money

The cost of a commute quickly adds up for your business. If your employees are travelling during the working day, commute times will be hitting your bottom line. Train and plane tickets are not cheap. The fact is that time spent waiting around at the station could be put to much better use. Collaborative technology removes the need for the hassle of business travel. Unified communications can get all of your key players in one room, at a moment’s notice, at the touch of a button. Doesn’t that sound like a much more appealing option than running for the 12.15pm train from Paddington?

Be the best

When you have recruited the perfect people throughout your company, you want to hold on to that winning team.  A great employer understands that its staff has a life outside of the office. A modern business recognises the importance of offering an attractive work-life balance. Unified communications offer the flexibility for your teams to work from home, from another office or from abroad to increase their availability within the same hours of the working day. Research has found that 87% of full-time employees want to work flexibly or that they already do – our next blog will look at this more closely. With unified communications, that rush hour commute time could become a thing of the past. In return, you will have an engaged, motivated and available team who are willing and able to drive your business forward.

With unified communications solutions from eaziUC, you can cut the commute time, slash travel costs and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Find out more here.