For most, the portfolio of Cisco unified communications solutions have been market leaders for a long time. Click to find out more.

What makes Cisco unified communications the market leader in UC?

In a recently released Gartner report on the Unified Comms marketplace, Cisco comes out as top of the pack, ahead of Mitel and Microsoft.

For most, the portfolio of Cisco unified communications solutions have been market leaders for a long time. So, it’s no great surprise that, with their heritage in Telepresence and connectivity, they are be leading the way in the next generation of collaboration technology.

There are a number of reasons why Cisco unified communications is chosen by international companies such as John Lewis and Australia’s Rugby League. So, what is it that puts Cisco unified communications head and shoulders above the rest? Here, we look at the key benefits from our partners at Cisco and how it can positively change the way you do business.


Cisco unified communications – video


Video conferencing has become a crucial way for employees to communicate across different locations. Cisco unified communications provides a plethora of options to do that including TelePresence and Webex. From the top end immersive rooms to the simple Teams suite of software, Cisco pulls everything together to make video conferencing a crucial part of a strong package. It’s not just us who think so either – Cisco unified communications has picked up a string of industry awards. Cisco unified communications bring everything together across the cloud, on-premise solutions or a hybrid package. This means your business can benefit from video conferencing seamlessly and safely.


Cisco unified communications – Webex Teams


Cisco cemented itself as an industry leader in the increasingly busy marketplace when it released Cisco Webex Teams, completely overhauling the much-loved Cisco Spark to bring new functionality to the table.


  • It is the first multi-company collaborative technology package. Add guest accounts to those outside your company when you need to and remove it when the job is done – simply, safely and securely.
  • It’s married up perfectly with Webex meetings, allowing for seamless integration between the two, both on the desktop and on the go through the app.
  • Webex Devices bring new functionality to meetings, and the range on offer means almost anywhere can be a meeting space.
  • With new devices being released, like the Webex Share adapter that makes that flat screen TV in the boardroom into kit for video conferencing, UC is able to leverage existing infrastructure as well as new.


Other favourites in the Webex Teams capability including the virtual whiteboard, portable file sharing and group messaging backed up with end-to-end encryption. Meetings will become more productive – this is pretty important when you consider that we spend up to 50% of our work time in meetings.


Cisco unified communications – voice solutions


The trusty desktop phone is office bread and butter. Cisco is the undisputed champion here with more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies using Cisco IP phones to keep their business communicating. Cisco unified communications starts with a phone system to underpin a collaborative network.

But, time doesn’t stand still in unified communications. Take the humble desktop into the modern marketplace. Add in functionality including mobile collaboration, conferencing, and messaging, and you are onto a winner. Invest in the name you can trust to power up your business communications. Our partners at Cisco have been doing this a long time so they can make it happen for you too.

Whether you’re a newcomer or you’re looking to upgrade your current system, Cisco unified communications has a full range to help your business communicate effectively, and eaziGroup has both the technology range and services to provide you with full implementation and ongoing support service.


Here at eazi, we’re proud to be Cisco partners. So, with us, you’re in good hands. Contact us to find out how we can help you with an initial to kick things off.