Teamwork and collaboration are the buzzwords for business relationships. It is, of course, important for colleagues to interact with each other to get the job done. Click to read more about how unified communications fuels better relationships in business.

Why Unified Communications Fuels Better Business Relationships

Teamwork and collaboration are the buzzwords for business relationships. It is, of course, important for colleagues to interact with each other to get the job done. Changes to the modern workplace such as hot desking, remote working and flexible hours are obviously beneficial. But, it takes a digital approach to ensure successful business relationships thrive in such a company culture.

Here’s how unified communications can power up business relationships your colleagues will enjoy and which will benefit your bottom line too.

Don’t wait for a window in the diary

You need to speak to colleagues from a different team or in a different office. Pressing business decisions need to be made. But, everyone has hectic schedules so finding that time to get together is almost impossible. That’s also without factoring in travel time and being able to book a meeting room. Don’t wait and maybe don’t even leave your desk. Hold that meeting instantly at the touch of a button with your coworkers no matter where they are. That’s how to nurture a successful business relationship.

Access information instantly from anywhere

Need that document but you can’t track it down straight away? Get that info your boss needs immediately with unified communications. Collaborative technology brings all your vital information together in one place. This means that you can access it no matter where you are. Your documents, messages and meeting recordings are all stored securely on the cloud. Internally, there’s no downtime waiting for the information you need. Externally, your business relationships will be based on speed and efficiency.

Cut the life admin

Research has shown that we collaborate with 10 people every day in order to get our jobs done. Some say that this negatively hits both innovation and productivity. We don’t say that, though. All you need is a simple and straightforward process and empowered employees who can say yes, say no or delegate. Unified communications makes this happen. This helps to streamline those business relationships so you don’t waste time waiting for an email response which moves nothing forward.

Open up channels of communication

People can work in the same office, for the same company, without even knowing each other. That does not pave the way for successful business relationships. In addition, research found that more than eight in 10 respondents said miscommunication at work happens very frequently, frequently or occasionally. This could happen for any number of reasons. Maybe that meeting wasn’t engaging, maybe Chinese whispers played a part, maybe you need smoother business relationships. Cisco Spark can make that happen as everything is centrally stored – digital whiteboard brainstorming, instant messaging, video and audio meeting recordings. There’s no chance of a breakdown in communication. Unified communications makes speaking to your colleagues the norm, not the exception. Securely collaborate in real time with colleagues throughout the UK or even around the world with unified communications.

In short, business relationships can thrive with unified communications IF you implement them properly.

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